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Winterizing Your Vehicle For Prince Albert, SK Winters

Cars Driving In Winter

Winter Safety Prep Guide in Prince Albert, SK

At Anderson Motors, we strive to deliver our customers many services to ensure a seamless vehicle ownership experience. Even after leaving the dealership with your new vehicle, we will keep it running at its best by making available our Service Centre. If your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, you should contact us to schedule a service appointment to have our factory-trained technicians take care of you and your vehicle.

Getting Your Vehicle Winter-Ready Overview

Various components in your vehicle help it operate correctly and keep you and your occupants safe. When winter months are coming up, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is ready, and to do so, you will need to check and do the following:

Tires Change

To remain safe on the road during winter, you will want to change your tires to winter tires, as they are made of a rubber compound that can handle the lower temperatures while delivering maximum traction. Winter tires' tread is also different, letting your vehicle get through deep snow.

Oil Change

Changing your oil before winter is a good idea, as new oil will lubricate your engine more efficiently, and it will flow through the engine easier during cold starts.

Air Filter

It's common for drivers to forget to change their air filter until it starts to reduce the engine's performance, so make sure to check your filter before winter to avoid issues on the road.


Having the proper wiper blades is essential for optimal visibility during the winter months, and winter wiper blades can function better against the winter elements.


Check your brake pads and rotors before winter, and if there is uneven wear or if your brake pads are running low, you will want to replace them. Changing your brake pads isn't usually expensive, but if their braking material wears out and contacts the rotor, you will need a complete brake job.


Before winter is an excellent time to check your lights, as nobody wants to be driving through the elements with reduced visibility, and having burnt-out lights puts you and other motorists on the road in danger.

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