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The Ram 1500's Safety Features: Beyond the Basics

The Ram 1500's Safety Features: Beyond the Basics

The RAM 1500 offers luxury and tough performance. Beyond these fundamentals, it also has a range of cutting-edge safety features. Today, we’ll delve into the safety characteristics of the pickup truck, reviewing how it maintains such a high standard in the car industry. 


Protection features have become a key battleground for vehicle manufacturers. They've become a vital part of the competitive realm of pickup trucks. Brands aim to distinguish their vehicles through the peace of mind they add on the road. 


Digital Rearview Mirror

The rearview mirror in the RAM 1500 boasts an LCD screen. It offers a live video feed from a rear-facing camera. This feature enhances visibility and awareness. Furthermore, it provides a clear view of the vehicle's rear surroundings. 


Reducing blind spots improves driving experience and confidence. Particularly during towing or challenging scenarios. This innovative addition ensures drivers maintain complete control and awareness of their surroundings. It solidifies the RAM's reputation for safety and innovation in the automotive industry.


All Information at First Glance


The latest pickup addition features advanced technology. These include the 12-inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display and Head-Up Display. The digital cluster display provides full-screen navigation with colourful graphics and customizable options. 


The Head-Up Display projects important information. You can see speed and navigation directions on the windshield. These features keep drivers informed without distractions, making driving safer and more convenient.


Powerful Breaks


The latest 1500 features 14.9 inches brake rotors, the biggest in its class. With them, it doesn't matter if you're driving solo or hauling heavy loads. This advanced braking system ensures a safe stop, even in adverse conditions. 


With impressive size and performance, these brakes provide exceptional stopping power. They infuse confidence in drivers to handle any situation on the road. The RAM 1500's brakes deliver reliable performance from challenging weather to unexpected obstacles. Thus making every journey safer and more secure.


Surround Camera System


The 360-degree Surround View Camera System improves security when parking and hauling. It provides a bird's eye perspective of the vehicle and its surroundings. The device increases safety and security while simplifying parking and trailer hitch alignment. The trailer surround view camera expands this capability for the trailer.


Airbags All-Around

The latest RAM prioritizes safety with six airbags throughout the cabin. Thus ensuring comprehensive protection for all occupants. Front airbags feature adaptive venting technology. They respond to both the occupant's size and the collision's severity. 


With a commitment to protection for every passenger, the 1500 provides peace of mind on every journey. It maintains its reputation as a leader in safety within the pickup truck segment.


Experience Top Safety Today! 


Experience the next level of safety and innovation with the 1500. Advanced features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. They combine cutting-edge technologies and safety features. Such are the 360-degree Surround View Camera System and digital rearview mirror. The RAM 1500 prioritizes your safety and convenience on the road. Visit Anderson Motors dealership in Prince Albert, SK, today!

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