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Leasing vs Financing: What's Right For You?

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Leasing vs. Financing in Prince Albert, SK

Whether you are thinking about leasing or financing your next vehicle, you will need to apply for credit to begin the process. Many customers choose to finance their vehicles as they wish to keep their purchase for years to come; meanwhile, others prefer to lease a vehicle as they would rather have a newer vehicle every two or three years.

Leasing vs. Financing Overview

Choosing between financing or leasing depends on many factors that vary between customers' specific needs and situations. There are benefits to both options, but each customer will choose the option that fits their lifestyle best. If you have difficulty figuring out which option will work best for you, let our friendly associates guide you through both options.

Advantages Of Financing

Many choose to finance their vehicles because it has no mileage limitation, giving you the freedom to drive as much as you need to and customize your ride to fit your specific lifestyle. With financing, you will also be paying monthly payments towards owning your vehicle, and if you wish to, you can sell the vehicle to recoup some of your investment. With a financed vehicle, you will have the option to choose where it gets repaired, which items to address, and which accessories to add.

Advantages Of Leasing

There are many advantages to leasing a vehicle, starting with having a newer model with the latest features every few years. You also don't need to worry about the vehicle's depreciation as you don't have to own the vehicle after the lease is up. If you end up loving the vehicle, you will have the option to purchase it during the end-of-lease period.

Financing Options

Contact us if you have any questions about either financing or leasing a vehicle. Our experts in the Finance Centre will be more than happy to walk you through the options available for your specific situation so that you can drive home your dream vehicle.

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